Muhadu best mobile application
to find events around you.

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Surprising Features.

Get all events around you, either private or public. Publish an events to get seen around the word when searched for


Responsive Search

You want to find events around you? Just search based on (events title, location or event types).

Private and Public

Events are categorized into public and private are displayed based on event criteria.

Location based

Get all events around your location by allowing muhadu app to make use of your gps settings.

Easy to Create events

Create an event easily, pick either public or private, fill out the form and submit.

Use Muhadu for events finding and publishing


Have Events ?

Having an event? such as wedding ceremonies, birthdays, conventions, picnic,Album launch, parties and many more. Muhadu has no limit to what kind of events you want to make known to the word. As long as it's an event, use Muhadu

Publish with Muhadu

Create an event with Muhadu by simply choosing what kind of event it is. Private events are made know to only users who meet the satisfactions set by you, ie, number of invities and age range. public events are made know to every one using Muhadu app, no restictions set.

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Surprising features

Create events, Discover events, Attend events, Setup Blind dates!!!

Add Events to Calendar

Don't miss any event for any reason, add events you want to attend straight to you calendar with a tap of a button and never miss out on any events.

Map Interaction

the integrated map gives users the ability to get real time direction to events location, just with a click of a button.

Events Share

Don't just have all the fun to yourself, share events with friends and families on social networks or via SMS .


View Events Videos & Images

If provided by the event creator, users can watch Events videos and images.

Subscribe to Events

Subscribe to an event you want to attend, you can also un subscribe from events when ever you chose to back out.

Realtime Notifications & Comments

Recieve Notifications based on Events you Subscribed to, comment and recomment to comments of an Event.

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